Tancredo's Ad: It's Only Alarmist If It Never Happens

Another famous alarmist

Tom Tancredo's new ad has Eric Kleefield at TPM:New Tancredo Ad Depicts Fictional Terrorist Attack in disbelief: Tom Tancredo is a pandering political alarmist.
One has to wonder if the plot is taken from the hypothetical terror scenario described by Brit Hume at the first Fox News debate earlier this year, which involved terrorist attacks taking place at malls.
Tancredo may take comfort that he joins the company of a political figure, derided as an alarmist: Winston Churchill. Eric also forgets--or may be young to remember--another ad, this one involving a Democrat President, which actually depicted a mushroom cloud.

As TPM commenter, Jake D, pointed out, "You youngsters have never seen/heard of LBJ's "Daisy" ad?"

"Daisy" slipped Balloon Juice's John Cole's memory as well.

But apparently Cole, in The "24" Candidate, got so worked up after constructing a sentence with "Malkin" and "orgasm" in it, he called it a day.
Open Borders!
Someone has to say it!

The sound you are hearing is the Malkin wing of the Republican party having a collective orgasm.

The short post abruptly ends, Cole having made his point that those who worry about terrorism and border security get their talking points watching from watching TV fiction.

More stories are coming from South and Central America of al-Qaida and other terror groups: raising money, building networks and planning future operations in the United States. It would seem natural to wonder where their point of entry might be.

Just last week, a few miles from Cole's state of West Virginia, police stopped a group of Central Americans for speeding. Inside their car, they found a treasure trove of blank documents ready for the user to sign: over 100 Tennessee driver's licenses, passports and social security cards.

The men refused to say where they were heading and were detained by authorities.

In John Cole's worldview, news such as this is a Republican aphrodisiac.

Tom Tancredo gives voice to the concern in the video below.

If the next terror attack in the U.S. is determined to have involved individuals crossing the southern border, what might Kleefeld and Cole's response be?

One wonders if in Cole's case, might it not be a sentence containing the words "Tancredo" and "Playboy".

by Mondoreb


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