Spiter Finding Voters Not So Easy to Bully

After trying to roll NY voters on drivers licenses for illegal immigrants, a new title may be in order.

New York's voters are finding out what many financial figures discovered long before now: when Eliot Spitzer wants something, he's not going to let niceties stand in his way.

And Eliot Spitzer is finding out that New York voters think much about his latest attempt to strong-arm those with differing opinions.

Voters my dump Eliot Spitzer because of his license love for illegals immigrants. From the AP:

Gov. Eliot Spitzer's plan to provide illegal immigrants with driver's licenses has sunk his favorability rating to an all-time low of 41 percent, and has left only 25 percent of voters planning to re-elect him, according to a poll the Siena Research Institute released Tuesday.

Forty-six percent had an unfavorable opinion of Spitzer, and 49 percent said they would "prefer someone else" as the next governor. Last month, 54 percent of voters had a favorable opinion of the governor.

"Eliot Spitzer's standing with voters has fallen faster and further than any politician in recent New York history," Siena spokesman Steven Greenberg said in a written statement. "Everything may not have changed on day one but from the voters' perspective, everything about Governor Spitzer changed in year one."

Spitzer swept to office last November with nearly 70 percent of the vote, carried largely by his reputation as a reformer and his campaign pledge to change everything starting on "Day One."
Spitzer certainly lived up to his billing about changing things. New Yorkers are only now finding out what his ideas for changing involved. If you were one of his earlier objects of attention in the financial world, you already knew.

The New York Times now reports that Spitzer is dropping his whole license plan--at least for now.

Eliot Spitzer is used to telling a compliant media his ideas about his targets. And if his targets resisted his ideas, he'd use threats and bullyboy tactics.

Now that same media is telling Spitzer the voters' idea. He's didn't like it when he met resistance on the license issue.

He'll find that voters are a little harder to bully.

by Mondoreb
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