REPORT: Pedophiles Use Ganglike Symbols To Identify Their Taste in Children

Pedophiles are mimicking the behavior of inner-city violent gangs. They use distinct, seemingly-innocuous symbols to communicate who they are, their preferences in children--boy, girl or baby--and to designate safe havens.

They don't use the red or black or blue of their more violent brethren. Their markers have soft hues of blue, pink or a combination of both.

They don't use bandannas or baggy pants. Satisfaction and safety come in the forms of hearts, butterflies and triangles.

Their names speak of brightness, happiness even: "Blogo", "Glogo" and "Chlogo". What they represent for both the predator and their prey is sober and haunting.

The above illustration is a sample of a pamphlet available at a European site which serves as a sort of clearinghouse and Internet meeting place for pedophiles and those espousing a "child love" lifestyle. The site is hosted in one of the Benelux countries--Belgium, the Netherlands or Luxembourg--and offers a variety of services to it's users.

In researching this story, we slogged through some dark and disturbing places that served as hang-outs for equally disturbed people. The trips to sites catering to pedophiles could not be avoided: the FBI documents provided no graphics of these sad and sickening symbols, only descriptions.

We went through thousands of symbols on hundreds of search pages looking for them initially. Google "blogo" and it's discovered that there are over six and a half million references. After 40 pages of symbols, the searcher would still would still be searching. The same result would be had after 70 pages.

Later we learned that "GLogo" worked much better and "BLogo" only had 642 possible pictures. One example was found at Boy It's displayed prominently on the site, a "boylovers who need a forum for boy love chat and discussion". It was one of the more subdued sites we visited. also offers a BoyWiki. At first, the site was exited without knowing what types of information the BoyWiki contained. After some thought, the site was re-entered. One doesn't have to be squeamish to be thankful the BoyWiki was off-line at that time.

We felt it was important for parents and children alike to know what these logos look like. There are three child pornographer's signs; each is used to designate the bearer's taste in boys, girls or babies.

Pedophiles and those who "produce, distribute, and trade child pornography use special logos to identify sexual preferences according to an internal FBI document. The document, "Symbols and Logos Used By Pedophiles" was found on Spanish "childhood erotica" networks by Wikileaks. is a website that purportedly allows whistle blowers to anonymously release government and corporate documents, allegedly without possible retribution.

Wikileaks obtained the document via Spanish "childhood erotica" networks. According to Wikileaks, the unclassified parts of the document were only briefly published by the Ann Arbor, Michigan police department in a newsletter, which was later removed from the Internet.

Three "logos" or "symbols" were mentioned:

The first logo, 'The BoyLover logo' (BLogo) "is a small blue spiral-shaped triangle surrounded by a larger triangle, whereby the small triangle represents a small boy and the larger triangle represents an adult man. A variation of the BLogo is the Little Boy Lover logo (LBLogo), which also embodies a small spiral-shaped triangle within a larger triangle; however, the corners of the LBLogo are rounded to resemble a scribbling by a young child," said the document.

The second logo, 'The GirlLover logo' (GLogo) is "a small heart surrounded by a larger heart, which symbolizes a relationship between an adult male or female and minor girl," the document stated.

The last logo, 'The ChildLover logo' (CLogo), "resembles a butterfly and represents non-preferential gender child abusers," added the document.

Image -

In our search for an image of the logos we found the website An interesting find.

CLogo Images
Images of the CLogo can be found here.
The CLogo is a 'butterfly hearts logo' which is used by many to show their solidarity with the four proposed guidelines for physical intimacy in friendships between children and adults. The logo has been registered with the Benelux Trademarks Office since 15 February, 2002.

1. consent of both child and adult,
2. openness towards the parents of the child,
3. freedom for the child to withdraw from the relationship at any moment,
4. harmony with the child's development.

Source -

These are the symbols. We saw illustrations of necklaces, bracelets, and stickers featuring these calling cards of pedophilia. They are all well-known in the world in which they are used. If you have children and see someone wearing one, perhaps as a necklace, take notice.

They serve as a symbol of sickness for the bearer.

But they also serve as a warning for the knowing.

by Little Baby Ginn & Mondoreb

NOTE: This report could have easily been three or four times its length. However, after discussion, it was decided that the primary purpose of this report was to inform and publicize these symbols, especially to parents and children.

Any additional information would have only illustrated depravity and sickness. Most people we know would have a better day without the knowledge. Some may think that is not being a good reporter; that somehow the public wouldn't be served without their knowing it.

If anyone is curious or desires more information, they will be able to do the research on their own. The links and pictures in this story will get them started. We've put this subject away.

We delayed and finally, hurried to finish the story. We had no visions of journalistic excellence; only visions of a long shower.

We'd had enough of that shadowy, forlorn world, with its innocent-looking hearts and butterflies in soft, delicate pastels, to do us for a long, long while.


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