Public Libraries: Safe Havens For Kiddie Porn Traders

Libraries, funded by local taxes, are a great place to find a book, look up reference materials or trade child porn online.

Law enforcement officials are being stymied by wily librarians intent upon protecting the library patron's right "to a place where people can exercise their rights in a free society without fear that it is going to be tracked."

Library computers have been used in Colorado and elsewhere as a distribution point for child pornography. Law enforcement officials believe that's partly because the users know the machines will be flushed clean by library officials as part of their security and privacy measures, making it impossible to track who is sending child pornography.

Rather than focus on the very real problem of child porn traders using the publicly funded computers to send their vile files of kiddie porn librarians have instead chosen to draw their line in the sand on the rights of "patrons."
"Our mission is to provide access to information, and we want people to feel comfortable to pursue intellectual interests whether they are popular or not..."

Librarians feel they shouldn't have to "monitor" patrons.
Since 2002, there have been 17 child-pornography-trading cases with roots in Denver Public Library branches. Three cases occurred in libraries in Jefferson County, one in Aurora, three at colleges and universities, one in a Denver Public Schools library and one at Denver Theological Seminary's library.

Librarians say they are also sickened by child pornography but are concerned about maintaining privacy and freedom.
A matter of priorities.

Child pornography buffs can count, not only on the ACLU, but the librarians?

Public Librarians, unofficial champions of child porn traders across America.

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Denver Post - Library Secure For Kid Porn

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