Paris Hilton's 'Celebrity Endorsement' For Boozing Elephants Pays Off

Paris Hilton New SpokesCeleb for Tipsy Elephants

And no, boozing elephants does not mean alcohol-swilling Republicans. Evidently short and sweet statements can get you praise or your show taken off A and E. Witness Dog the Bounty Hunter and the power of uttering the N-word in a private conversation.

Word out from Gauhati, India is that Paris Hilton is catching praise from conservationists for helping "highlighting the problem of binge-drinking elephants in northeastern India." Paris' hard work on behalf of the 'elephants gone wild' consists of two "celebrity endorsements", a la Hilton.

Six wild and inebriated elephants raided a farm in the Indian state of Meghalaya. Too drunk to notice the pole they were in the process of uprooting was electrical, the pachyderms met an untimely and shocking demise.

“There would have been more casualties if the villagers hadn't chased them away. And four elephants died in a similar way three years ago. It is just so sad,” Hilton was quoted as saying in Tokyo last week. She was in Tokyo to judge a beauty contest.

“The elephants get drunk all the time. It is becoming really dangerous. We need to stop making alcohol available to them,” the 26-year-old socialite said in a report posted on World Entertainment News Network's Web site.

Sangeeta Goswami, head of animal rights group People for Animals, told The Associated Press: “I am indeed happy Hilton has taken note of recent incidents of wild elephants in northeast India going berserk after drinking homemade rice beer and getting killed.”

“As part of her global elephant campaign, Hilton should, in fact, think of visiting this region literally infested with elephants,” Goswami said.

Kudos to Paris for caring about the plight of the homemade rice beer swilling elephants in India.

Britney should take note.

Source - The San Diego Union Tribune - Paris Hilton's efforts to save binge-drinking elephants are praised by conservationists
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