Milton Friedman: Ferocious Defender of Capitalism

Milton Friedman passed away a year ago today. He was a ferocious defend of the American Way.

According to Wikipedia's biography:
In 1962, in his first major salvo as a public intellectual, Friedman published "Capitalism and Freedom", a major defense of capitalism and critique of the New Deal and the emerging welfare state. The book would eventually sell half a million copies.

Friedman served as an economic adviser to Barry Goldwater during his failed 1964 presidential campaign. Like Friedman, Goldwater had come to reject the New Deal and called for a return to economic freedom. This position was extreme in 1964, but gained momentum over the next two decades, finally culminating in the presidency of Ronald Reagan.
Friedman's contributions to the defense of our capitalistic system were many.

Don't really understand economics?

It's all a bunch of mumbo-jumbo? Watch a great video of Friedman explaining why capitalism is better than any other system, go on over to Red Planet Cartoons.

The first couple minutes of the video is an Econ 101 mini-lesson on Cooperation in Capitalism.

It will give you a bit of ammunition, next time Harry the Communist starts getting mouthy.

Friedman holds forth on capitalism and Red Planet Cartoons holds forth on other Friedman resources that are listed.

by Mondoreb


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