Death By 1000 Papercuts: Sidebar Graveyard

Where do items go once they leave the DBKP sidebars?

To the sidebar graveyard, of course.

These are items we want to keep, but are no longer going to be on our sidebar. Take one last long look at them. Some have been on the sidebar since Day 1 of DBKP.

They're like old friends to some of us.


* MONDOREB ----Raised by wolves, he was caught affixing 2000 Bush/Chaney stickers to cars in the SF area in 2004. After a stint in a re-education camp and briefly shilling for a mime, he dropped out of sight. Now he's back. This is his story.
* LITTLE BABY GINN----Out on the hard edge of life, she walks confidently: the 'click-clack-click-clack' of her stilletoes, her vivid scarlet lipstick and a half-smoked cigarette, her only companions. She writes because--well, no one is quite sure why. But write she does. This is her story.
* LUSCIOUS P------Our crack War on Drugs & Lifestyles reportress. The P is for Peach, as in Ripe, Juicy Peach. And thankfully, she's P, not PC, or we'd all be in trouble. When she hands in an article, wisps of smoke come off the page.
* RIDESAPALEHORSE----------Some whispered: he'd been a Ninja; others, that he was running from his past. A past that included one lively blonde and two dead bodies. We only know: when he walked in, he had a knife in his teeth and a fistful of Art.
* BABBAZEE-----She roared up in a '70 HemiCuda: a 'Zion Rules' bumper sticker on the back and an AK-47 out the window. She slammed on the brakes and said "I'm here for the Jewhad!". We knew then she was our kinda woman.
* HUGE SCROTUM MAN-------------(Scroticus Maximus) A natural optimist: life gave him huge testicles, so he has a ball. He brings the Java.

[This item made unnecessary since we added the "STAFF" earlier. We kept it around this long for old time's sake.]

Join us in supporting free speech of ALL reasonable candidates in our Presidential elections by opening the debates to ALL major party candidates!

[We kept this up for a long time and sent 4 emails without a response. If anyone has any info on this blogroll, drop us a line, we'd still like to join.]


Unable to adapt. (Pictured above: Hypsibema missouriense, the official state dinosaur of Missouri.)


Unable to defend itself from Europeans. Tasted like chicken.

Unable to defend themselves from continuing multi-cultural outrage. (Pictured above: Cheese map of France.)

[One of first and favorites, it's like waving good-bye as one of your children leave home. It will make a future appearance, probably in expanded form.]


Looking for Keith Olbermann-haters' articles and/or graphix for November 10, 2007 edition of I Hate Keith Olbermann.
Email to:Mondoreb

[Much as we love to hate him, the "I Hate Keith Olbermann" will only make the occasional guest appearance.]

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