Dailykos' Markos: Newsweek Likes Me!

From Newsweek:

New York -- Markos Moulitsas, the founder and publisher of dailykos.com, will become a Newsweek contributor for the 2008 presidential campaign, offering occasional opinion pieces to the pages of the magazine and to Newsweek.com.

"We have always sought to represent a diversity of views in Newsweek, and we think Markos will be a great part of that tradition," said Newsweek Editor Jon Meacham. "He will give our readers in print and online a unique perspective. As always, our job is to create the most energetic and illuminating magazine possible, and Markos will help us do that as the campaign unfolds."

Markos posted this blurb from Newsweek on his blog, DailyKos.com, along with this little shot across the bow to his conservative adversaries:

Yeah, there's a lot of heads exploding in wingnutlandia today over this bit of news. But Newsweek is "balancing" me out with someone that should make heads on our side explode. Announcement on that name is still a couple of days off.

"Heads exploding in wingnutlandia" is yet another "Liberal Urban Legend" but it does make for good imagery. Markos' track record in backing candidates is a pretty dismal one. None of the over a dozen politicians Markos has backed in prior elections on Dailykos has been elected.

The Moulitsas-anointed Ned Lamont beat out Lieberman in the primaries. To some in the MSM this kind of track record has poll-vaulted Markos to political Kingpin status.

Of course, when it counted, Lamont suffered the fate of all those blessed by Moulitsas: he lost.

The rest of us just shake our heads and wonder how a guy who consistently backs losers is considered an "expert."

Source – Daily Kos - Newsweek

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