Rielle Hunter: Letter to Rielle from Rielluver

Rielle Love

I am captivated by you, Rielle Hunter.

I stare at your high school picture wondering if you were voted prom queen or most likely to succeed.

I rewind clips from your movies, trying to glean a sense of the spunky, smart, and streetwise girl who made her chops as an actress. I listen to the same five sentences over and over, memorizing the sound of your voice, replaying it in my mind.

You worked so hard to make things happen on the Boulevard of Broken Dreams and they fell short only because you were pretty girl with no connections in a town full of pretty girls with connections.

Now, you're more famous than most directors! Your star power is at an all time high, and you've got a beautiful baby that's not only going to open doors to big studio meetings, she'd blow those doors right off their hinges.

Night and day, the biggest studios in the world ink deals bigger than the gross national products of small countries all around you. Without you.

Instead, you're under virtual house arrest. A bird in a gilded cage.
Your ever move is monitored, and for the rest of your life, everywhere you go people will be trying to steal your DNA like you're real-life version of the last mother on earth in Children of Men. Is that any way to live? You're practically a prisoner.

Why put up with it? What good are all the riches in the world if you can't even leave your living room with them? You can do so much more. You could serve your guru.

And why wait for John Edwards? His star and credibility are only falling, and he said some pretty scathing things about you in his interviews. The world saw it as a stunning rebuke.

What happened to the John Edwards that wanted to correct the untrue stories and fight for the little guy?

Wouldn't that John Edwards want you to fight for your honor and public respect?

The press' interpretation of your free spirit has been cruel, and John's words only reinforced a misleading image of you.
Wouldn't your dad, the late Florida attorney James Druck, want you to fight for your family's honor?

Why not have some trusted, articulate friends speak out on your behalf?
Set the record straight, and list your accomplishments. Everyone else has a public bio, why can't you? If its all going to trickle, why not correct it early?

And how does the rest of John's family fit in here? If you and John are meant to be together, what happens if Elizabeth Edwards survives another twenty years? What happens If his kids live for ten years not knowing they have a sister? What if he secretly maneuvering to neutralize Francis Quinn's rights? Would you really put that past him? Is he really still operating with your well being in mind?

This is the prime of your life, and your star power is at an all time high in an industry with a five minute attention span. Why do you have to play a supporting role? Why can't you finally be the star?

The day will come when you'll have to look back on your life and wonder.

Did I honor my dad with my life? Did I serve my guru with my life's work?

Did I tell the truth?
Good luck Rielle and Francis Quinn.

coompax-digital magazine