The InvestigateOSphere vs. The ProtectOSphere

Doug Ross: "Put simply, a tabloid and the blogosphere -- both of which have been ridiculed for years by the MSM -- broke and publicized an immense story regarding a major presidential candidate and potential cabinet member."

Ross presents his evidence and it's damning--for the Mainstream Media.

Exhibit A?

The above chart showing the number of people searching for information on "Rielle Hunter" on Google over the last nine months--because the only place they could get that information was in the pages of the Enquirer [John Edwards Love Child Scandal] and the few sites in the blogosphere who covered it for more than a day or two after the Enquirer printed its December 18 story. [Mickey Kaus at Slate, Doug Ross and DBKP all three covered the story after the initial reaction to the Enquirer story on the blogs.]

Number of times "Rielle Hunter" was mentioned on any MSM newscast--other than a few FoxNews mentions in July and August--or in any MSM newspaper, Time magazine or Newsweek prior to late July: zero.

The National Enquirer first revealed Hunter's name in December. A few blogs, including DBKP and this humble journal, picked up the story because there were a variety of variables that all pointed to the fact that Edwards was a sleazebag.

How the National Enquirer and the Blogosphere Forced John Edwards to Confess

Edwards' Drilling Problems

A comment on Ann Althouse's July 22, "Today is Fitzmas for Mickey Kaus":

David said:
"Do you suppose Edwards went to the hotel to see if he could drill himself out of the problem?

He certainly seems to have drilled himself into it."

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