Obama: Brother George Scapes By on Dollar a Day


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Fighting Poverty Best If OPM* is Involved

Cisco Cotto at Townhall.com has a succinct piece on Barack Obama, Obama's brother, George and the hypocrisy of the presumptive Dem standard-bearer when it comes to helping the poor of the world.
*- other people's money

Barack Obama’s brother George lives on less than a dollar a month? I realize the price of arugula is going up, but couldn’t our prospective “wealth re-distributor in-chief” throw his baby brother a couple of bucks? For the price of one of his Hyde Park lattes Obama could quadruple what his brother scrapes by on now.

Just think: Brother George could probably live like a Kenyan king for the money that brother Barack spent on presidential seal re-design fees.

During a campaign stop in Pittsburgh back in March, Obama plainly said he didn’t mind paying more to support the poor. He has said the same thing several times and at Rick Warren’s Saddleback forum he said any family making more than $250,000 is rich and the rich are going to pay more in an Obama administration. But if he feels so strongly that the “rich” (whatever your definition of that is) should offer aid to the poor why isn’t he supporting George?

The Global Poverty Act of 2007 (S.2433) which Obama sponsored in the Senate, isn't NEARLY as cheap--for the poor lunchbox-carrying saps paying the tab--as an Obama latte. According to American Thinker:

If passed, it will cost taxpayers $845,000,000,000 over the next 13 years, in addition to our current foreign aid expenditures.

As AT's Lee Cary points out, it will cost U.S. taxpayers the better part of a trillion dollars to funnel American tax dollars to places like--you got it--Kenya. All those American bucks to pay to help the world's poor; people like Brother George.

Maybe it's proverb time for the man who recently withdrew from the Trinity Church: charity begins at home.

The Obama camp may want to consider a new campaign slogan while they're at it: "Fighting My Brother's Poverty with Your Money".

Cisco puts the exclamation point on Obama hypocrisy with the following table:

Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, "I'm not my brother's keeper".

Obama apparently means it.

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