Denver: Photos Two Days Before the Democrat Convention

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Two Days Before the 2008 Democrat Convention

The 2008 Democrat Convention kicks off Monday for four days in Denver, CO.

RidesAPaleHorse, DBKP's special convention correspondent, sends in these pictures from around the town a few days before the action gets underway at the Pepsi Center.

Out-of-state Loons

Hoping for change...

Guess he missed the memo about the free makeovers. [Denver Democrat Convention: How to Know Democrats are in Town]

Larimer St. state flags

Looks like one of the DNC "loaner" vehicles.
After all, it's green.

Pepsi Center, two days before the convention.

MORE Pixelaneous at DBKP: Pixelaneous Photo Essays Library.

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by RidesAPaleHorse
images: DNCC; RidesAPaleHorse; wikipedia
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