Coroner's Investigator Charged with Living It Up on Dead Man's Credit Card

Bad Luck Seems to Follow Some People

Talk about bad luck: David Workman has had it in spades lately.

A former investigator for the Jefferson County (OH) Coroner's Office, Workman was arrested on June 20, after he stole a credit card.

From a dead man at the county morgue.

He might have gotten away with it IF he hadn't tried using the dead man's card to pay for over $400 of services at a strip club in Weirton, WV.

Apparently, the staff at the strip club knew Workman so well, that they knew his first name and became suspicious when he presented the card and signed the dead man's name to pay his bill.

After Workman's July 2 appearance in Hancock County (WV) Magistrate Court, Workman shook his head and called the charges a "bum rap." Caught on video tape after his arrest, Workman was reported saying that the theft of the credit card was "not intentional," and called his use of the dead man's credit card, "purely an accident".

He did not respond to a reporter's question about whether signing the dead man's name to the bill was an accident.

Workman was fired after his arrest in June, after being employed by the coroner's office for seven years.

This is a lot of bad luck.

But wait--there's more.

While awaiting trial on the credit card charges, Workman was arrested on August 20, in Steubenville OH, in a prostitution sting that resulted in 10 people arrested for soliciting.

No reports on how Workman attempted to pay the undercover officer posing as a prostitute.

Workman was then scheduled to appear in the Steubenville Municipal Court on the prostitution charges the next day in Steubenville, but he was also scheduled to appear in a Hancock County court the same day to stand trial for the credit card charges.

No reports at this time on how the scheduling conflict was worked out.

Several years ago, Workman was involved in another incident.

According to police reports, in September 2005, a driver called Saline Township (OH) police claiming Workman impersonated a police officer. The complaint accused Workman of using a flashing light on his car to pull a vehicle over on County Road 50. Workman was accused of approaching the driver with a gun and his coroner’s badge.

Workman was never charged in that case.

And some people complain that their lives are "boring".

by Mondoreb
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Source: Former Coroner's Investigator Appears In Court
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