Obama: Obamica Skull Cap Sales Lag McCippah's

The following item was brought to our attention:

A website which sells custom kippahs (aka yarmulkes) for Jews to wear at worship reports that sales of McCain kippahs outdistance Obama ones substantially. John Cook's Venture Blog reports

VanityKippah.com founder Shmuel Tennenhaus-- who recently left a Bellevue Internet company to start selling political versions of the traditional Jewish skull caps -- reports that sales of the"McCippah" are outpacing sales of the "Obamica."

At last count, McCain held a lead with 57 percent of kippah sales.

Political skull caps? Who knew?

Maybe Obamica sales would pick up if they featured a small bus with the members of the Obama entourage no longer in favor...

A comment by Ed at American Thinker, from where the above except came, noted that [Another worrisome sign for Obama]:

"Don't be too optimistic. My observation: Jewish men are going McCain. Jewish women are sticking w/ their dear beloved Democrats -- in this case Obama. Only men wear yarmulkes."

A gentle debate began in the comments section to the above AmerThinker piece. A sample:

AJ: "Jewish-American voters should vote for America's interests at heart, not Israel's. If they care about Israel more than America, then they should move to Israel and live there and then vote in those elections.

Matthew Dickinson then pointed out: "I[n] practically every way, Israel's interests are America's interests. It isn't like the Saudi's are our friends. Allah doesn't build space ships, or anything else for that matter."

The debate will continue, likely in homes across America.

That a debate is even being held among one of the most dependable of the Democrat constituency groups may indicate trouble for Obama.

by Mondoreb
image: vanity kippah
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