CNN: Palestinians Like the Dalai Lama

Brian Williams: Palestinians are like US Founding Fathers
DBKP: ...With Suicide Belts

Christine, don't you know that's how rumors get started?

One could write about nothing but the goofy psuedo-history dished out to the historically-ignorant by the Mainstream press and the never-ceasing workload would likely land the writer in the hospital for exhaustion.

The latest: CNN compared the Palestinian terrorists to Tibet's Dalai Lama.

From Van Helsing, Moonbattery:

It's not guesswork at CNN. Look how cleverly Christiane Amanpour slips her pro-terrorist propaganda into a piece about the Dalai Lama:
Our visit coincided with the events that commemorate each March 10, the date the Dalai Lama fled Tibet on horseback in 1959. He managed to evade the Chinese Communist forces, disguised as a soldier and escaping at night. The somber remembrance is a little like what the Palestinians do every year. They call it al-Nakba, or "catastrophe," which marks 1948 when they lost much of their land as the state of Israel was founded.

Amanpour may see similarities between the Palestinians and the Dalai Lama, but which would she rather see enter a crowded deli, either in Jerusalem or New York City, while eating lunch?

We thought so.

Van Helsing cites a Media Backspin article that lists the reasons the Palestinians are NOT like the Dali Lama and then concludes with some other egregious examples by the history buffs in the MSM.

The worst, in our opinion?

Brian Williams compared the Palestinian terrorists to our Founding Fathers.

NOTE: Next time we visit Mt. Vernon, be sure to catch the exhibit with George Washington's suicide belt.

Which brings up the image at the top of this post, a product of the glorious retro-Progressive minds at the People's Cube. PC Mastermind, Comrade Red Square:

Attention workers, peasants, and toiling unwashed intelligentsia! On Monday, July 30, 2007 our Party Organ was spotted by Rush Limbaugh, the biggest neo-imperialist criminal capitalist running dog of them all. The notorious author of See I Told You So described our "Founding Fathers" illustration by saying "It's a great, great, great cartoon because this is how libs see America today." See it here: Story #7: Great Editorial Cartoon on the Founding Fathers. He thought it was a parody!

If you're not familiar with the Cube, they are, "... a powerful Party Organ cemented by the most severe Party discipline. Our tight collective tolerates no limp-wrist candy-assed pansy liberals! We are doctors of dictatorship in charge of an outpatient Gulag facility whose mission is to cure weak liberalism with strong communism!"

If MSM news consumers would access more People's Cube and Moonbattery, and less history as taught by the professors at CNN and NBC, they would be better informed--not to mention, in a better mood at end of the news.

by Mondoreb
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image: The People's Cube
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