Pontiac Commercial Features Rapper with Keffiyeh

Keffiyeh Kapitalism:
Pontiac Is Latest Corporation To Allow Terror Symbolism In Ad

from The Posthumous Luger

The keffiyeh (Arabic: كوفية‎, kūfīyä; plural: كوفيات, kūfīyāt), shmagh, shemagh or yashmag (شماغ, šmāġ), ghutra (غترة, ġuträ), hatta (حطّة, ḥaṭṭä) or mashada (مشدة) is a traditional headdress of Arab men, made of a square of cloth ("scarf"), usually cotton, folded and wrapped in various styles around the head. It is commonly found in arid climate areas to provide protection from direct sun exposure, as well as for occasional use in protecting the mouth and eyes from blown dust and sand.

I just saw this ad run on television for the first time this afternoon, but it has apparently been on the air for a few weeks. The pitchman is a rapper named “Shwayze”, who, according to his site, grew up in a Malibu trailer park. Where I can only presume that David Geffen’s imperialist annexing of public beachfront spurred Shwayze’s appreciation for Islamic terror.

All New Pontiac Vibe Commercial
- Featuring Shwayze - video powered by Metacafe

To contact Pontiac: http://www.pontiac.com/helpcenter/index.jsp?tabName=contactus

To contact the production company:

The spot was directed by “Stylewar” (whom I believe is a Lightworker!) of Smuggler production company. Executive producers are Brian Carmody and Patrick Milling Smith. Tell them what you think here:


323 817 3300

212 337 3327

Brian Carmody: carmody@smugglersite.com

Patrick Milling Smith: millingsmith@smugglersite.com

by Posthumous Luger

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* Keffiyeh Kapitalism: Pontiac Is Latest Corporation To Allow Terror Symbolism In Ad
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