American Justice Tomorrow Seen Today in Britain

'Speak when you're spoken to!' The Queen sharply interrupted her.

'But if everybody obeyed that rule,' said Alice, who was always ready for a little argument, 'and if you only spoke when you were spoken to, and the other person always waited for you to begin, you see nobody would ever say anything, so that -- '

--Lewis Carroll

British Justice. Broken

Ever wonder where the American Justice system will wind up?

How about the propensity of Judges to disregard legislation, make up law, tell elected officials how to run the nation? Apparently, they inhabit a make-believe world wherein they are kings.

What about the tendency of Police officials and law enforcement to view law biding citizens as the enemy and terrorists as the victims? (Been to the airport lately?).

We need look no further than Britain. This nation of moonbats is entering the terminal stages of civil deconstruction. From the ever fascinating Daily Mail:

Man who claimed Paddington train crash turned him into a killer can appeal for compensation

A violent killer will be given up to £300,000 in compensation after he blamed the killing on trauma he suffered during the Paddington train crash

Gray, a council administrator, suffered minor injuries when the train he was travelling on was hit head-on by a high-speed intercity train on 5th October 1999.

However, he claims that as a result of the accident his personality was profoundly altered. From being a very passive person, he started to experience bouts of uncontrollable rage.

Diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, he became withdrawn, emotionally unstable and his relationship with his girlfriend deteriorated."

In August 2001, John Boultwood, a father-of-two, drunkenly wandered in front of Gray's car and hammered on his window.Gray, from Tilbury in Essex, started to punch and kick the 42-year-old welder, then stabbed him repeatedly with a kitchen knife.

Was this fellow traveling with the knife?

No. He went home to get it, came back and stabbed the drunk who was lying there. For this, a sympathetic Judge--apparently unaware that Post Traumatic Stress syndrome is not only rare, but virtually non-existent in the described circumstances--awarded him a minimum of $600,000.

Hey! It's somebody else's money after all. But what about the , ah, fellow who died?
Who cares?

The decision was greeted with outrage and dismay by the family of Gray's victim.

Mr Boultwood's mother Edith Sinclair, 74, said: "I can't believe it. So he will get rich by killing a person? How can that man blame it on the crash? It was two years after. He went and got a knife and came back. He knifed my Jonny seven times."

This incident is by no means isolated. From the same paper:

Former soldier arrested for kidnap after his citizen's arrest on yob who pelted his home with eggs

(Frank McCourt: He says he has been 'put through months of hell')

When Frank McCourt's home was targeted by young hooligans hurling rocks and eggs, he challenged them and told them to leave and never return.

But the next day they came back so Mr McCourt, a former soldier, tried to phone the police but was put on hold for 45 minutes.

At the end of his tether, he grabbed one of the louts by the arm and hauled him inside, telling him he was performing a citizen's arrest.

But it was Mr McCourt who was arrested later that day - for kidnap.
The 57-year-old spent six weeks on bail before being charged with the lesser offence of assault. "

"A Sussex police spokesman said: 'An allegation was made and officers duly investigated the facts reported to police. A file was presented to the Crown Prosecution Service in accordance with procedure.

Brave grandma arrested after standing up to yobs
* Nanny State: Squeezing the Zest for Life Out of the British
*Nanny State Squeezing Zest out of the British

A wild guess here: it is easier to deal with a law biding, compliant citizen that actual criminals, regardless of their age. It is generally believed in this country that the crime rates in Britain are decidedly less than here in America.

This is untrue. The reported crime rate in Britain, with the exception of murder by firearms, is far higher.

And that is only the reported rates. in many instances the Police in Britain--and in fact most of the EU--are under no obligation to file reports and, in fact, discourage the same by the shenanigans detailed here.

Meet the future Of American Justice.

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