Astrology and Politics: DBKP Stories

DBKP ASTROLOGICAL POLITICS: stories about astrology and politics.
UPDATED: June 8 2008

* D.C. Madam Suicide and Astrology: Was Death Written in the Stars?

* Barack Obama Astrology: A Stalking Horse Candidate?

* Clinton & Obama Astrology Forecast - Feb 14th, 2008

* Hillary and Obama: Astrological “Styles” of Communication

* Astrological Look at the 2008 Presidential Election

* Mitt Romney: Is a Win Written in the Planets and Stars?

* John McCain: Is the Presidency Written in His Stars?

* Hillary Clinton: Will Astrology Predict a Presidential Win?

* Huckabee: Stars and Planets Align for Presidential Win?

* Obama: Astrologers Predict Obama’s Run for the White House

* Republican Presidential Candidates: 2008 Astrology Predictions

* Democrat Presidential Candidates: 2008 Astrology Predictions

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compiled by Mondoreb

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