John Edwards Scandal: John Edwards Caught Cheating--again

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John Edwards X2


For updates to this article; updated throughout the day: John Edwards Scandal Redux: John Edwards Caught Cheating Again!

Another scoop for the Enquirer--and another heartache for...Rielle Hunter? Elizabeth Edwards?

Oh boy.


ENQUIRER WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Cheating killed his political career, destroyed his reputation and left his marriage hanging by a thread - but John Edwards has done IT again! The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively that the philandering ex-senator embarked on a "sex-and-booze bender" after what appeared to be a marriage-ending blowout fight with his cancer-stricken wife Elizabeth.

While still publicly not admitting paternity of his love child - who turns 2 in February - the disgraced former presidential candidate shocked eyewitnesses by recently spending several consecutive nights trawling bars in search of women.

We'll be updating this within the hour, so check back. There are several updates in the works, actually.

John Edwards, once a dog...

by Mondo Frazier
image: National

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