DBKP Top Ten: Top Ten Most Popular DBKP Articles of 2009

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During 2009--Determined by the readers

A quick look back at 2009's most popular stories as determined by the readers. These are the stories that got the most hits during 2009.

Of the Top Ten stories:

* Six of the ten were actually published in 2008--but were read consistently through 2009. We only counted the number of hits these stories received in 2009. 2008 hits weren't factored in.

* What types of stories made the 2009 list? Politics had three; Celebrities/Entertainment - four; News - one; Human interest/Feature - one; and Humor - one.

* Two of the stories weren't published until December, but pulled in enough hits to make the list in the last 3 weeks of the year. These two stories helped make December our best month of the 2009, traffic-wise.

Also included are 14 "near-misses" to the Top Ten list.

Thanks to all of our readers and writers for a great 2009. We had 1.33 million page views. This was down from 2008's--an election year--1.88 million PVs.

2010 is gonna be a great year at DBKP.

This story originally published, and update, at DBKP.com: Top Ten Most Popular DBKP Articles of 2009

Here's our Top Ten most popular stories of 2009.

The near misses (in no particular order) were:

* Four Famous Cult Leaders, Four Different Fates April 20 08
* Casey Anthony Case: The Curious Coincidence of the Heart Shaped Sticker at the Crime Scene and the Heart Photoshopped on Caylee’s Photo - Jan 22 09
* Illegal Immigration Amnesty Bill: Illegals to Qualify for In-State Tuition, Free Attorneys, No Backgrounds Checks, and Permanent Visas - March 19 09
* The Modern Militia Movement Report: Libertarians, Ron Paul Supporters as Potential Domestic Terrorists - March 15 09
* Navy Seal Sharpshooter Pirate Blaster Gun, Mark 11 Model 0, Wins over Army - April 19 09
* Diane Downs, Small Sacrifices Murder Mom, up For Parole - Dec 9 09
* British Dogging It: UK OK with Public Gay Sex - Dec 4 08
* H1N1: Police Hold Down WV Boy During Forced Swine Flu Vaccination - Nov 11 09
* Obama, Bill Ayers, and FactCheck.Org: All Have Ties To Annenberg Foundation -Oct 6 08
* Tiger Woods 4th Mistress: Jaime Jungers and Waiting for Number 5 - Dec 6 09
* April 1st Tax Payer Protest Plans to Send Single Tea Bag to Washington, D.C. - March 11 09
* 1950’s Women’s Lingerie: Girded in Girdles and Armed with Bullet Bras - May 3 09
* Jennifer Moss: The Naked Lady Pictures and Videos - June 18 09
* War on Terror: Marines See Success Implanting Patriot Microchip in Terrorists - July 28 08

It will be interesting to see if any of these are on the 2010 list.

compiled by Mondo
image: DBKP file

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