1984 – A Sikh Story – Documentary

Overview : The BBC have scheduled a one-off documentary tonight which will take an in-depth look into the historic attack on the Sikh shrine, The Golden Temple, in 1984.

The programme entitled The Sikh Story: 1984 is told through the eyes of a UK born Sikh, Sonia Deol. Sonia was 11 when the siege took place, and retells the story through her experience of the event. She also interviews a number of individuals caught up in the event such as eyewitnesses and those who lost loved-ones in the riots which ensued following the attack.

Indian troops stormed the Golden Temple under the orders of Indian’s Prime Minister of the time, Indira Gandhi. The Golden Temped is widely regarded as one of the Sikh’s most important shrines. The decision was made by the female Prime Minister to invade the temple in an attempt to overthrow the militant Sikh preacher, Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale and his supporters.

The consequences of this action were extreme and created a huge divide between the Sikh community and the rest of India. Many also believe it led to the death of the PM Indira Ghandi who was assassinated by her two Sikh bodyguards as an act of revenge for the attack on the Golden Temple.

Genre: Documentary

Year: 1984

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