David Letcherman Staff Receives Instructions

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David Letterman had sex with multiple members of his staff and another producer attempted to blackmail him for $2 million. Letterman (Letcherman) then turned the tables and informed the police.

One more instance of the saying, "When life gives you lemons, throw them at a pathetic, washed-up late-night TV host."

The biggest revelation is that his staff could stifle the reflex to yell, "Rape!" while having sex with a septuagenarian TV guy.

The graphic above smacks of Irony Curtain.

Which means another proud progressive mouthpiece has felt bite from the tongues of steel at that fine emporium of state humor, the comrades at I Own the World.com.

More at DBKP.com.

by Mondo
image: I Own the World.com

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